Parsifal as Proto-SF by Andrew May

Parsifal is an opera by Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883). It’s a very unusual opera, which has baffled and intrigued audiences since it was first performed in 1882. Most operas are about larger-than-life human relationships and emotions, and Wagner’s earlier works are no exception. But Parsifal is different. It’s all about ideas — very abstract ideas of philosophy, metaphysics and theology. I would argue that this places Parsifal firmly in the realm of speculative fiction. Moreover, the focus of speculation in Wagner’s opera is remarkably similar to that found in the novels of Philip K Dick and in the Matrix trilogy.








Consumerism, Capitalism & Environment ~ Youtube

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THE HISTORY OF STUFF – Consumerism, Capitalism & Environment in America

Published on Aug 15, 2012 by Bright Enlightenment
The Story of Stuff – Consumerism, Capitalism, & Environment in America [HD] [Full Video] – Consumerism, Capitalism, Environmental Destruction, and what you can do to make the global economy more efficient and less wasteful!


Thought Food

A link to a now closed forum in which Stewart Swerdlow is discussed along with a few other topics.
Of note from the various contributors:

“How many people don’t realize that they only pick the programming or reality that coincides with their desires?”

“It’s not about believing, it’s about knowing. So, .. check for yourself as much as possible.”

“… much of the new age stuff is fabricated….. to weaken you…. with the the help of old systems like the kabbalah, which likely can be seen as a “software” program to applicate the metaphysical in one (programmed) specific way.”


“Most of the new age stuff is based on many ancient systems like the kabbala which was created by the ego of man which also “created” gods and hiarchies as thought forms or archons so man becomes controlled by his own creation? just a thought.”

Read the whole thread to get the context.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ~ Miles Mathis

We’ve been looking into this subject for many months and intending to write about this subject but have kept putting it to the back of our “to-do” list. Miles has beaten us to it so now we don’t have to and done a far better job of it to boot! Many, many thanks Miles!

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First written April 25, 2015
This paper is by request. One of my regular readers asked me my opinion of the Protocols, and I thought it was time I had one. Up until today, I didn’t. I can see why my readers would wish for an opinion on this, and assume I had one, especially considering my recent paper on Karl Marx—which sort of plays right into the theme of the Protocols. But although I have long known of the Protocols, I have never really studied them. I think today was the first time I read them all the way through. Some will think this makes me a naif, but I just think it allows me to look at them with a fresh eye. Either way, as usual I will come down on a third side. I think I will be able to say some things about them that aren’t usually said, which is the only excuse for adding to the literature on any subject.
For a grin, I will tell you exactly what my reader said when requesting this paper. He said,
“If there’s one person on the planet I trust to do an honest review of that, it’d be you. Figured I’d mention it. Keep up the awesome work in the service of truth.”
So here goes. The usual argument concerning the Protocols seems to be concerning their authenticity. The promoted mainstream opinion is that they are a hoax and a forgery. Others find them genuine. Although I will choose a side here, I don’t think that is the most important question. Even “forged” documents can be interesting, provided that they contain some amount of truth. We will see how much
truth the documents contain, and where that truth leads us.
For those who don’t know, the Protocols are a sort of game plan of world domination, said to have been leaked from a meeting of Jewish or Zionist leaders in the late 19th century. For several decades they were sold as genuine. Henry Ford accepted their authenticity and republished them. In the 1920’s they were exposed as a forgery in mainstream publications. But since these publications usually were controlled by Jewish interests, this debunking was not seen as definitive. It was argued that those trying to quash the Protocols had a vested interest in doing so, which was true enough.
One of the main arguments against the Protocols has been that they mirror Maurice Joly’s Dialogue in Hell in several passages, as well as borrowing from other works. Although this is true, it isn’t really to the point. Almost everything that has ever been written has borrowed from previous works, sometimes quoting from them, and sometimes just borrowing from them with no credit or footnote. Since this was never sold as a scholarly work, the lack of footnotes should be no surprise. Leaked notes from a secret meeting would not be expected to be annotated. Just because a document lacks footnotes or borrows from previous writings does not make it a hoax or a forgery. If the Elders of some group had decided to create a white paper, they might have used a previous document as a starting point or outline, retaining some traces of the older document in the newer. This is how the world works, so finding traces like this is proof of nothing.
In my opinion, the Protocols are neither a hoax nor a forgery. They are not what they claim to be, but that does not make them a hoax or a forgery. What they are, technically, is a political feint.
What I mean by that is this: the Protocols appear to me to be a cloaked attack. They are an attack by the aristocracy upon the financiers that had just defeated them. More than that, they are a focused attack upon one party of the financiers: the Jewish financiers.
In this sense, they are exactly what the Anti-Defamation League says they are. They are an attack upon Jewish (financial) leadership, and they are not the minutes or white paper of any real Jewish conference. They are a fiction.
I will be told I am contradicting myself already. I have said they are not a hoax or a forgery, but that they are a fiction. What could I possibly mean? Well, I consider “hoax” too strong a dismissal, since a hoax is normally something completely or mostly false sold as true. I will show this doesn’t apply to the Protocols, since although they are credited to the wrong party, they contain a lot of truth. And they aren’t a forgery, since a forgery is a document signed by someone who didn’t write it. No one signed the Protocols, that I know of. The Protocols are not forged, they are misdirected. You may find the difference subtle, but I don’t. By calling the Protocols a hoax or a forgery, it is implied they are false, unimportant, and uninteresting. I will show they are none of those things.
First things first. Why do I think the Protocols are fiction? Because they taste like fiction. They don’t read like the real minutes of a meeting, nor like a game plan, nor like a white paper. The psychology is all wrong. People don’t talk about themselves this way. Jewish leaders would whitewash their own actions far better than this, even talking amongst themselves. Despots never call themselves despots, for example. No matter how Machiavellian leaders are, they always try to sugarcoat their actions, especially to themselves. As an example, we can study Protocol 4:
But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE “GOYIM” THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.
Although most readers focus on the last part, it is the first part that sticks out like a sore thumb. If this were really written by Jewish materialists, why would they insert this little idyll concerning the brotherhood of humanity, with a wardship of parishes and the guiding hand of a spiritual pastor? These two sentences blow the entire document.
In the same way, the title “WE SHALL DESTROY GOD” is overplayed. Although I think the financiers have long been trying to destroy organized religion, I do not think they would put it this way in their own documents. They don’t need to “destroy God,” since they don’t believe in him. They might talk about destroying Christianity, or destroying belief in God, but not about destroying God. For them, that would be like saying WE SHALL DESTROY SANTA CLAUS.
Protocol 4 was obviously written by someone who believed in God as a real entity, and who was trying to insert a subtle promotion of the “brotherhood of humanity.” In hindsight, it lacked all subtlety.
So, on to the next question. Why do I think this was written by the aristocracy? Well, the clue is in the Preface, where we are told the Protocols were translated from the Russian by one Victor E. Marsden. Victor E? Victory? C’mon, why not be obvious? They are hoping for a Victory in the Den of Mars. Mars is the Roman god of war, of course. This document is an early infowar.
This is also curious:
Mr. Marsden’s connection with the MORNING POST was not severed by his return to England, and he was well enough to accept the post of special correspondent of that journal in the suite of H.R.H., the Prince of Wales on his Empire tour. From this he returned with the Prince, apparently in much better health, but within a few days of his landing he was taken suddenly ill, and died after a very brief illness.
They admit Marsden was special correspondent to the Prince of Wales, but then they expect you to be too stupid to draw the obvious conclusion from that connection: the Protocols were written at the behest of the Prince of Wales, as part of a wider operation ongoing at the time. We see more indication of that in the body of the text, where the aristocracy is whitewashed again and again.
For example, in Protocol 1.21, we find this:
from this the conclusion is inevitable that a satisfactory form of government for any country is one that concentrates in the hands of one responsible person. Without an absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which is carried on not by the masses but by their guide, whosoever that person may be. The mob is savage, and displays its savagery at every opportunity. The moment the mob seizes freedom in its hands it quickly turns to anarchy, which in itself is the highest degree of savagery.
Hmmm. Curious that this cabal of Jewish financiers would be promoting monarchy, isn’t it? “One responsible person” isn’t a cabal of financiers, it is a King or autocrat. But the financiers don’t promote autocrats, except as figureheads behind which they can hide. In their own meetings, the Jewish financiers wouldn’t be promoting absolute monarchy, would they?
And again in Protocol 1.26:
As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph: it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card – the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence of the aristocracy of the GOYIM, that class which was the only defense peoples and countries had against us. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the GOYIM we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force.
The aristocracy is the only defense against these Elders of Zion? Interesting. Also notice that the aristocracy is called here “natural and genealogical.” Would the real Elders of Zion call the aristocracy “natural”?
No, the Protocols are a pretty transparent fiction, and it is clear they were written and promoted by the aristocracy. But does this make the aristocracy the bad guys and the Jewish financiers the good guys? No.
As I have said before, when you get these warring parties, they often tell the truth about eachother, but lie about themselves. We see the same thing here. Like almost everything else promoted in the past two centuries, this document is a strange mixture of truth and propaganda, and you have to enter the bog with a pretty good map to make it to the other side. The aristocrats who wrote and promoted this document are revealing a great deal of genuine information about how the world is being controlled, and by whom. This is why when Henry Ford was asked about the Protocols, he said only, “They fit in with what is going on.” True enough. A reader comes away with the idea—not promoted until then— that the world was being run by a group of powerful and hidden financiers intent upon remolding the world on a master plan. The reader also came away with the idea that this plan included destroying religion, undermining education, quashing liberalism and Republicanism, and hiding behind Marxism. In addition, this plan included controlling the press and all other information, lying as a primary form of governance, and a total destruction of the individual.
All true.
Yes, the big things the aristocracy is leaking here are all true, which is why I say the document is both important and interesting despite the fact that it is fiction. It is a fiction that is mostly true.
For many people, that will seem like a contradiction, but it isn’t. Many people think that anything that is fiction is false. But just because something is fiction doesn’t mean it is false. You can make up a story to tell the truth, or you can make up a story to lie. The fact that you made it up doesn’t make it false. If you then tell your readers that God wrote it, say, that part is a lie. But the story itself could be either true or false.
That is what we see here. The claim that this document is a white paper from a Jewish meeting is false. And yet many of the facts about world governance leaked in the document are true. That is the way
things are in real life. They are a mixture, and you have to sort through them. As we have seen again and again, they are usually a very tangled mess of a mixture, and the tangle is purposely tangled more and more by those who come after, to prevent you from unwinding it. But with some effort—and a constant nod to logic—we can unwind any tangle.
So let’s unwind the next tangle. I have said that the aristocrats have leaked a lot of true information about their opponents. But does that mean that everything they say here is true? Of course not. To start with, they are trying to pin everything on the Jews, but we know that all the top financiers are not Jews. So why would the aristocrats imply they are? Because some of the top financiers are Gentiles who ditched the aristocracy and put their cards in with the new money. But since the aristocrats are all about blood, they don’t wish to attack their own. In this way, they are like the Jews they criticize. For all of them, blood is blood, even after it has committed treason. Maybe they hope to turn these treasonous Gentile bluebloods back to the true path. More likely they hope to shame them for the alliances they have made with the Jews.
That is a big lie, but it isn’t the biggest lie the aristocrats are telling here. The biggest lie concerns human nature. The entire document is set up as Old World versus New World. They want to expose the New World as a fraud perpetrated by financiers. But once they have convinced you of that fraud, they want you to go back to the Old World, which they ruled. So they repeat all the Old World myths about mob rule, about the majority of people being bad, and so on. They mix this with some half- truths about hierarchies, and the reader is expected to give up on liberalism, Republicanism, freedom, and individualism once and for all.
In this way the document is very seductive. It tells you a lot of truth about the way the world works, it gives you a clear enemy, and then shows you what looks like a logical path beyond the muddle. This is what most people want. But the solution here is just one more conjob—a very old conjob at that. It is the conjob of blood and old families—which is just the conjob of GOLD with a subtle twist.
Remember, the aristocrats are blackwashing GOLD and GREED, because they know those two words are easy to connect to the Jews. But how did the aristocrats get where they were? That’s right. GOLD and GREED. Blue blood is just blood that has had GOLD for many generations. It is OLD MONEY instead of NEW MONEY. But still, it is all about money. Blue blood is no guarantee of ability of any kind, as we know. Or, it is about the ability to steal and hoard gold and nothing else.
What these aristocrats who wrote the Protocols are trying to do is connect natural hierarchy to ruling families, but there is no such connection. Yes, there are natural hierarchies. Yes, people are not equal and never will be. Yes, some people are adept at some jobs and some are adept at others. Yes, society should be led by leaders, and not all people are leaders. Yes, democracy—taken too far—leads to endless squabbles and chronic inefficiency. But does that mean the only viable government is a vicious top-down control by vulgar rich people who a) don’t believe in God, or b) believe they are God’s chosen rulers? No and a thousand times no. The answer is not either an anointed aristocracy or a self-appointed cabal of financiers. The answer is NEITHER.
The rather obvious fact of the matter is that neither the aristocrats nor the financiers have done a good job of ruling. They have only done a good job at tooting their own horns and preying on the rest of us. I have news for both of them: looting your constituency is not governing it. Strip-mining the world is not governing it. Lying all the live-long day is not governing.
I have made some nods to the aristocracy recently, admitting that art was far more healthy under it than under the financiers. But even so, I would not wish this to be read as an apology or promotion of the aristocracy. If pressed, I would probably choose the aristocracy over the financiers, but that is likely due to two specific factors that are prejudicial. One, I am an artist. Although a chosen few artists were better off under the aristocrats, it doesn’t mean the average person was. Two, I have lived under the financiers and know what a disaster it is. If I lived under the Kings and Popes in a past life, I don’t remember it and no longer feel it keenly. But from reading history we know it wasn’t anything to brag about.
What I do know is that both have been tried and neither has been any sort of success, by any meaningful standard. Just the opposite. Both have been nightmares. The arguments and excuses both groups have made and continue to make are pathetic, and no sane person would listen to more of them for a moment. Both have made such a bad job of governing that most people now believe this world is a predestined hell, including the governors. Even the financiers and aristocrats believe this is some predestined armpit of the universe, which not even their genius can mitigate.
But I don’t. It is their predation posing as governance that has made it a hell, not any old curse or predestination. With a small dose of beneficent governance, 9/10ths of the misery would immediately evaporate. Yes, this beneficent governance would have to include a large dose of new discipline, but most humans have a natural talent for discipline when it is required and encouraged. Even now, when it is least encouraged, most people show incredible amounts of discipline and restraint—which is what the false governors rely on.
You will say that Modern people, especially Americans, are fat, lazy, no-nothing louts who will have to be forced to do anything good or meaningful. And while I admit that the contemporary human being is not a proud beast, not one to immediately give one confidence, I think he retains all the potential he ever had—which is to say a great deal.
Let me put it this way: did anyone have to force all these louts to buy all the shit they have bought, enriching the billionaires and debasing themselves in the process? No. Our corrupt leaders only had to suggest that everyone go out and buy everything on the shelves, and they did. You may not think that is a great argument in favor of the louts, but just reverse the process. Instead of suggesting to the people that they go out and make constant fools of themselves, new beneficent leaders could suggest they do the opposite. Instead of using all the media and the government to corrupt and vulgarize the populace, our leaders could be using them to un-corrupt and un-vulgarize the populace. Since people are suggestible, they can be moved either way. The point being that force is not required. Good leaders will move them toward the good and bad leaders will move them toward the bad.
As a good analogy, think of domestic pets. Dogs or cats in a house run by intelligent and kind people are glorious little beasts, loving and happy around the clock. Their fur glows, they are beautiful and shining, and they purr or wag for hours on end. Conversely, dogs or cats in a house run by corrupt and predatory people are likewise corrupt. They are dirty, ugly and miserable. They tend to be either vicious or neurotic.
Well, don’t we see precisely the same thing in human society? Yes, in contemporary society, we see a fantastic number of vicious or neurotic people: miserable, ugly, and shedding their anger and discontent all over the house and town. But does this mean that people are naturally bad? No, not any more than the vicious and neurotic dogs and cats mean that dogs and cats are naturally bad.
As pets are a reflection of their owners, citizens are a reflection of their leaders.
A well-run society will still have problems. It will still have its bad apples, since nurture is not everything. But such a society will look and act nothing like our current society.
The problems in the world now are, by and large, not problems that come from human nature. Yes, there are problems with human nature, and those problems will persist under any governance, benevolent or not. But the wickedness of human nature has been vastly oversold, and it has been oversold to mask the real cause of wickedness in the world: leadership by the corrupt. The more corrupt the leadership is, the more it tries to sell you the idea of corrupt human nature.
Which is probably why the Protocols have never been suppressed in the United States. Within a few decades of their publication, the war between the aristocrats and financiers was over, ending roughly with the fall of the Romanovs and the end of WW1. Yes, the financiers won, and they won pretty decisively. But the aristocrats were able to strike a bargain, by which they saved face and kept a tithe of their old privilege. They were able to do this only because the financiers needed someone to hide behind. Having all the charisma of a bag of dirty socks, they could not rule in the open. So they have ruled since then by hiding behind Kings and Queens and Presidents and Parliaments and Congresses, padding the Congresses with actors and other celebrities. In exchange for this, the aristocrats agreed to no longer trouble the financiers with their plots and schemes. Both the financiers and the aristocrats conspire to build the MATRIX you live in, and all you have to do is follow their suggestions.
Well, the Protocols have now been subsumed within that MATRIX. Some Jews still don’t like them, for obvious reasons, but the Protocols are actually more useful to the ruling class than not, since they so successfully sell the idea of corrupt human nature. As you have seen, that idea is useful to the aristocrats and financiers both, since it acts to misdirect blame away from them. According to the Protocols and similar documents, the problem isn’t that corrupt governors have sucked you dry of all useful property and inspiration, or that they have mis-educated you via a constant confusion into an intellectual coma. No, according to them the problem is that you are a wretched human, born to misery. You are paying for the sins of your fathers. You are on a cursed planet, cast out of all rational society. You are stuck in a hellish cycle of repetition, a cycle you can only break by renouncing all earthly connections, giving your last dime and crust of bread to a billionaire, and floating away on the wind like a leaf in autumn.
You see, no matter what country you were born in, you are raised on the same lies. Both Christ and the Buddha—as promoted now—have no good advice for you beyond that you give Caesar more of what he already has and go live under a Banyan tree, eating grubs. That’s convenient for the Caesars and the Brahmins, wouldn’t you say?
But it isn’t mainly human nature that is corrupt. It is specific individuals in the ruling class that are corrupt. You can’t address general corruption, anyway: you can only address specific corruption. I am telling you that is the specific corruption that must be addressed.
If aliens are watching us—as some think—and if they were given permission to break the non- interference clause, they would change human society most quickly by targeting a few dozen people. If they replaced the right 50 people, say, with benevolent look-alikes, human history would reverse overnight.
With that idea in mind, ask yourself how that could be achieved without alien interference. It won’t be achieved by voting, will it, since those 50 people aren’t elected. It won’t be achieved by murder, since
even if those 50 could be killed, they would just be replaced by the corrupt ones around them. It won’t be achieved by legislation, since those 50 are above all laws. It won’t be achieved by an infowar, since those people and their minions control far more means of suggestion and influence than you and yours ever will.
Seems like a stumper, doesn’t it?
But here’s an idea: why not talk to those 50 directly, as if they are actually human beings? Instead of assuming they are evil lizard people, transported from the 9th circle of Hell, why not talk to them as if they have ears and a conscience? You plant the seed where it has to grow.
You see, the irony of it is, if you can convince them that They Will be Happier Themselves after the revolution, you don’t even have to have a revolution. A revolution that takes place in the heads of those 50 people is already done, and the streets don’t even have to be swept afterwards.
Of course, to convince those 50 of it, you have to believe it yourself, which may be an even bigger revolution. I have met very few people who genuinely believed it; perhaps none. So here is another question to ask yourself: why should those 50 believe it if you don’t?
The thing is, I DO BELIEVE IT. I believe it can happen and I believe it will happen. I don’t believe it will happen just because I believe it. I am not selling you a “happy thoughts” philosophy, understand. I don’t believe you can change the world just by sending out a positive vibe (although that doesn’t hurt). I am also not selling you an age of Aquarius, where everything is perfect. When I say I believe, I don’t mean I believe all problems will be solved and everyone will be blissful. I just mean I believe things don’t have to be like this. The ways things currently are is not the way things must be. Life on this planet can be much much better than it is, and it actually wouldn’t take much to bump it up. Technology is not the answer. Better governance is.
If those aliens are watching, they are waiting for us to make that jump and finally show the potential we have. I suspect they are amazed we have been stalled for so long. They must be amazed that an entire planet can be purposely stalled by a few families for many centuries, just for their personal enrichment —while those same families remain miserable. We are all caught in the manufactured nightmare of a few hundred related people, and since they cannot wake we also cannot. A strange circumstance, assuredly, but nothing is predestined or necessary about it. It could end at any moment.
As I say, I believe it will end; but it won’t end because of my belief or yours either. It will end because something changes, and something will change because something new will get done. In each of our minds, something must change which will change our actions. You have to get yourself to a point where you see a solution, you believe in the solution, and you act on it. This paper is not me sending out a positive vibe. This paper is an action.
How is that, you may ask? Well, I know the aristocrats and financiers are reading my papers. Or, at least some of their hostages in Intelligence are. They have to read them to plan their little operations of misdirection and inundation. So I talk to them directly. These papers are not just written as letters to the other side of my brain. And they aren’t written to my choir of fellow travelers, either—although I love you guys. They are written to those people in Intelligence, too, and to those they report to. My papers are—in part—a seed posted to the 50.
If you have read a lot of my papers, you know I include asides to these people in Intelligence and to their masters. Although I am resisting them, that doesn’t mean I think they are soulless automatons who hate me because they are ordered to. Nor are they Satanists who must do evil because they were born to it. Maybe they hate me for the moment and maybe they don’t, but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that I assume they are intelligent enough to recognize a reasonable argument when they see it. They are, after all, made of the same stuff as you and me. The same charge pulses through their molecules, the same mitochondria drive their cells, the same Muses guide them who guide us all. So if I am hurling seeds to the winds, why hurl them only to the most fertile fields? Isn’t the most logical thing to hurl them to the so-far barren fields as well? Isn’t that the only place new shoots can grow?
Christ damned the fig tree for failing to bear fruit, but that has never been my favorite passage in the literature. If Christ could pour wine from water flasks, and raise Lazarus from the dead, couldn’t he exhort the poor fruit tree to wake up and do better next season, giving it a bit of water and a gulp of fertilizer while he was at it?
Some will accuse me of blasphemy for second-guessing scripture, but we are at a point in history where all scripture must be second-guessed. My Muses have tapped me to second-guess all scripture from all sources, sacred and profane—though you will have to take my word for it. Although I am far more interested in second-guessing profane scripture—which is what the Protocols might be called—no document in history is too sacred to be looked at in the light of reason. No bald contradiction like the fruit tree should be allowed to stand, since it is these contradictions that perpetuate the old confusions.
So, to anyone reading this for whatever reason, the near future I foresee is not one where everyone is living in the same size house on the same meager rations. It is not one where all the rich are marched over a cliff or stripped of their possessions. It is not a Marxist or Socialist revenge, where the meek inherit the Earth and turn it into a vast mediocrity. All the dystopiae you have seen in the movies and literature have been manufactured to make you fear the future, so that you will accept the slightly less repellent present. But I foresee none of that. Nor do I see a plastic neverland of automation and robots, with people relegated to some form of navel gazing. Again, that is a Hollywood future manufactured to make you glad things aren’t worse than they are.
No, the future I see is just a subtle nudge from what we have, but so much better. For instance, if the looting by the rich were to stop, trillions would immediately be freed up to be spent on necessary projects. If the looting were to stop, all the projects by which they currently loot would also stop, including the planned destruction of art history, the planned misdirection of science, the planned misdirection of literature and poetry, the planned misdirection of farming, and the planned misdirection of environmentalism. All the fake drugs would go away, all the fake psychiatry, all the fake food, all the fake advertising. The military would shrink by 95% and the spy agencies by a similar amount. By the same token, all the lies told to promote all these things would go away, as well as all the lies told about history—which are mainly cover for the looting projects.
You will say that if all these things go away, the economy will collapse. But that isn’t true. That is just one more lie you are told by the superrich to protect their looting projects. Only the false economy that enriches the billionaires way beyond their needs would go away. The real economy would remain, and that is the only economy that touches you in any positive way. In fact, that economy would expand greatly, since it would no longer be sucked dry by the fake economy. As I said, trillions would be freed up yearly to be spent on useful projects. Those useful projects would be part of the economy, of course. Those trillions wouldn’t just evaporate, would they? No, they would simply be redirected away from the billionaires and into real projects.
You will say the billionaires, the military, and the spy agencies will never allow that.
They will if they are convinced that future is better for them as well. You see, I don’t think anyone yet understands what that economic expansion will entail, or how magnificent it will be. Just think about it: the trillions looted yearly by the very wealthy are looted from real sources: taxdollars, natural resources, goods manufactured from those resources, and human productivity. Well, all that will remain in the new economy, it just isn’t siphoned off by the four hundred families. Those families will live off accumulated fat for a few hundred years while they develop some useful skills. In the meantime, those trillions start going to real projects. Anyone can get involved in those new projects that wants to, including ex-military, ex-Intelligence, or ex-looters. I am not suggesting that everyone in the military and Intelligence go on unemployment or go to jail. I am suggesting they redirect their energies, and it may be they wish to redirect their energies. It may be that the majority of them would welcome new work, if it were both interesting and lucrative.
Yes, I said lucrative. Many people seem to think that “the brotherhood of man” entails everyone work for minimum wage, live in a hut and eat dry beans. But just the opposite is true. Your average person will be far richer under a brotherhood of man, simply because his paycheck won’t be looted first by the billionaires. And he will be far happier, because the work he is doing is necessary and he knows it. He won’t be spying on people who are doing nothing, making weapons to stockpile, or marching around foolishly and aimlessly, firing expensive ammunition at targets. He won’t be manufacturing events, inciting fake wars, or stealing resources from poor black people in far-off lands who need them far more than he does.
Even the billionaires will be happier, because they will find that by turning off the money faucet, the manufactured nightmare in their heads begins to end. The constant call of the coin subsides, and they begin to hear other voices. They may begin to hear their Muses speak to them, and those Muses will tell them what they should have been doing all along.
As their nightmare ends, so does everyone’s nightmare.
You will say I am just exhibiting my naivete again. I will be told the privileged will never give up their privileges, whether they are miserable or not. I will be told that people like this never quit: they have to be defeated. That is what history tells us.
But again, that is not exactly true. History probably does give us more examples of the latter, but it is not without examples of the former. People—including rich people—do quit sometimes. Sometimes they concede a bad position, and sometimes they just get tired of defending it. And so it may seem that they allow themselves to be defeated without that much effort. Sometimes when people are in the wrong, they stop believing in themselves. The late Roman Empire gives us many, many examples that could be read that way, and that often are read that way even by mainstream historians. More recent examples will come to mind without much effort.
In fact, the fall of the aristocracy can be read that way. Could the financiers have so quickly defeated a power structure so long entrenched if the aristocrats had still believed in themselves? It is doubtful. More than anything, the financiers simply inserted themselves into a void that was already there, and which only they perceived.
You also have to consider the fact that all the privileged people do not have to decide simultaneously to quit looting the world. If that were necessary, of course it would never happen. But since we are
indeed talking about a hierarchy here, with top-down control, only a handful of top people would have to decide to make a change. If the captains decide, it is done. When the captains decide they are harming their own interests and their own children by looting the world they live in, they will begin the clean-up. I have to think that some of them aren’t that far from that realization now.
Again, I beg you to notice the wording I used in that last paragraph. I am not naïve enough to think that the superwealthy will suddenly become altruistic overnight. I am not completely unaware of human nature and its limitations. If these people stop, it will not be because they are concerned that you are miserable. They have ways to put that out of mind. It will be because they are concerned that they are miserable. They have purchased every other form of mitigation for their misery, to no effect, so they may be intrigued by my claim of a cure—even though I offer it to them for free. They may be the more intrigued in that it is neither an old or new age religion, and that I am not a guru or a priest.
In fact, it is entirely possible I am a turned demon.
It is possible we all are.
By that I do not mean that we were actual consorts of Satan; only that we are beings that chose to leave the dark side because it wasn’t doing anything for us. We were assured that wearing the black hat was more thrilling, but found with experience it wasn’t so. Even Yoda tells us the dark side is more seductive. But is it? Not really. It is sold with a greater fanfare, but I have found its levels of seduction to be minimal. I am a demon that has been seduced by the light side.
I like to simplify things down to a bare minimum, so let me do that again here. I talked about household pets above, since most of us have them. You have a choice how to live with those pets, and that choice is pretty much a one-way street. You have the power, and they don’t have much to say about it. In most cases, they can’t harm you, so you can do whatever you like. So if you treat them well, that is only because you choose to. You like to be the generous guy who is kind to his pets, because you like that image of yourself. But it goes beyond that. You like the response from your pets, who treat you like a god. They come when you call (even if they are cats)*, they sleep next to you like loving children, and they fill the house with beauty and contentedness. You feel like a beneficent ruler of your house, where all is magical and blessed. You amaze yourself that you created that. No, you didn’t create the pets or their responses, but you created the atmosphere, and you didn’t have to. Many people don’t.
But unless you really are a saint, odds are you created that atmosphere mainly for yourself. That sort of household appeals to you not because you are so concerned for the well being of those beasts, but because you are so concerned about your self image and your own contentedness. You find that household preferable for yourself.
Now, that is putting it bluntly and perhaps overstating it for effect. I think I do care for the well being of other creatures. But I think I would act the same way even if I didn’t. That is what I mean by being a turned demon. A saint treats all creatures well only because he or she loves them, and for no other reason. A turned demon treats all creatures well because he likes how it makes him feel. He chooses the light side not because it is the only thing he can do, but because it is better for him than the dark side.
It is doubtful a saint ever chooses the light side. It is more likely a saint was born to the light side, and couldn’t think a dark thought if he wanted to. But a turned demon must choose. And, as it turns out, a
demon can choose. In fact, it is marvelously easy. As soon as the demon starts being nice, the hellish household or society evaporates and is replaced by a domain of health and vigor.
In this as in everything, there are hierarchies, and all of us (who treat our pets well) fall somewhere between saint and demon.
Of course, not all of us treat our pets well. If you are one of those, you have to step up to even become a turned demon.
Anyway, I don’t think it is hard to blow this household pet story up into an analogy of human society. You probably saw where I was going before I got there. Those currently running society don’t suddenly have to become saints for things to change. They just have to come to the (perhaps wholly selfish) realization that ruling a contented society is far more pleasant and satisfying for them than tyrannizing one.
We know these people have god complexes, but rather than ridicule that, I would work with it. I would say to them that this god complex would be far easier to maintain—and to sell to themselves—if they looked more like gods in their own eyes. To see what I mean, return to the pet analogy. Does someone who tyrannizes his pets look like a god to anyone? Does he look like a god to the pets? No. Does he look like a god to himself? No. He just looks like a sad human being picking on those weaker than him.
But again, it isn’t that “being a good ruler is its own reward.” That may or may not be true, but there are loads of more tangible rewards. Good rulers are more likely to like themselves and be surrounded by people who like them, which is not an intangible reward. Because of this they are more likely to sleep well and have good digestion. This leads to fewer ailments, better health, and higher levels of physical beauty. All tangible. They also age more slowly, which appears to be high on the list of the superwealthy.
Because they aren’t looting the world, they also aren’t polluting it to the same extent, which means they themselves don’t have to dodge those pollutants. Again, better health for them and their children, which is tangible.
For the same reason, they don’t have to worry so much about security. Loved rulers need far less security than hated ones. Spying on your constituents all day and night takes a lot out of you. If the superwealthy wish to live longer and healthier, they should start by being better rulers. Just think about it: If you aren’t lying and stealing all the time, you don’t need all the security and spying. Once all that is gone, it will be like removing a clamp from your chest: you will breathe so much easier. Tangible.
*Yes, my cats come when I call them. If your cats don’t come when you call them, it isn’t because they are “independent”: it may be because they don’t like you very much.

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A Higher Conscious Conversation – YT


Published on Jan 9, 2013

What highly conscious people talk about.

From the film My Dinner With Andre.

All credits to appropriate people. Only uploaded to further educate. No credit taken..
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‘The Stargate Conspiracy’ ~ Picknett & Prince

This is the work referenced by Drew Hempel here:


by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Revealing the truth behind extraterrestrial contact, military intelligence and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The Stargate Conspiracy exposes the most insidious, disturbing – and successful – mass manipulation of our times. Designed to bring us, hearts, minds and souls under the total control of the conspirators, this sinister programme has ruthlessly exploited our Millennial craving for signs and wonders – even hijacking the predicted return of the ancient gods. The Conspiracy…

Its central focus is the belief that the gods of the ancient world were extraterrestrials who created and civilized the human race, that they’re back – and that, communicating through special chosen ones, they are actively directing the way we think.

However, The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that this romantic and exciting scenario was in fact the brainchild of the West’s most powerful intellectual agencies. Designed to become a new religion for the 21st century, its real purpose is political – to make us easier to control. Centered on the search for lost secrets of the pyramid builders, this extraordinary true story reveals the links between US scientific intelligence agencies, Mars and ancient Egypt.

For almost 50 years, like Frankenstein’s monster, this conspiracy has been put together from cultish – but astonishingly powerful – belief systems, culminating in the emergence of a new fundamentalism that is gathering strength by feeding on Millennium fever.

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reveal the secret agenda that unites apparently independent authors and researchers – including top names with millions of readers worldwide – and which is targeted to all of us. The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that even the genuine mysteries of the gods themselves have been hijacked by powerful cabals – which include top industrialists, politicians, scientists and intelligence agencies such as MI5 and the CIA – in order to fulfill their secret agenda.

At the heart of this conspiracy is the belief that the ancient Egyptian gods were – and are – extra terrestrial beings, that certain key people are in contact with them, and that they are about to return through the ‘stargate’ between our world and theirs.
Are we prepared for the imminent return of the gods?
And will we be expected unquestioningly to accept the conspirators as our spokesmen?
Or is this an exercise in mass manipulation designed to make us support the conspirators?
As they calculatedly whip up Millennium fever, triumphantly persuading us that they alone know how to talk to the gods, this book serves as a serious warning to mankind.


The Main Points

Over the last few years, the public has come to accept specific ideas about the ‘message’ of ancient Egypt, largely due to the works of certain high-profile authors. But we demonstrate that many of the principles of this ‘New Egyptology’ are not only based on false-premises, but have also been used by others as part of a secret long-term agenda. We reveal the shadowy presence of US government agencies behind the current interest in the Giza plateau.

An essential part of this plot is the alleged link between ancient Egypt and a lost civilization on Mars, based on the discovery of supposedly artificial features on that planet. We show that this view is seriously flawed, and that the intelligence agencies are actively encouraging the promotion of a meaningful Egypt-Mars connection.

We show that key people in the promotion of the ‘message’ of Egypt and Mars are involved in a cultish cabal who believes they are in direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligences from Sirius who claim to be the gods of ancient Egypt. This group, which has existed for almost fifty years, has included many famous names, multimillionaires and cutting-edge scientists. It has also, disturbingly, had a profound influence on the decision-making of certain world leaders…

The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that this group was in fact cynically and deliberately manipulated from the first by the CIA – and that this programme is ongoing.

We trace the inspiration for the conspiracy back to the ideology of certain extreme right-wing occult movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

We conclude that the conspirators are deliberately harnessing the most profound and cherished beliefs of today’s society – from fundamentalist Christianity and the ‘message’ of ancient civilizations to the alien abduction scenario – to create a new, more widely acceptable religion for the post-Millennial West. We reveal that, underlying the apparently acceptable tenets of this religion is an insidious right-wing ideology, the true danger lurking inside the Trojan Horse of its New Age image. However, even though the manipulators have abused and hijacked the ancient Egyptian mysteries for their own ends, that does not mean that there are no such mysteries.

We reveal the ground-breaking research that provides a plausible answer to the most enduring questions about the ancient Egyptians’ achievements and beliefs – and, explosively, uncover the true nature of the gods themselves…

Read more: