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From my own studies of the NHL (even if somewhat limited) I know that John Lamb Lash was wrong when he described the Archons as ’embryonic’ and then equated them to ‘Alien Greys’ in his work Not in His Image. Here JLL refers to them again that way :http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_archons02.htm

Why would he do that? Was it accidental or intentional? ETs and Aliens are in the news at the moment both in the main-stream and alternative.  Someone puts the idea or suggestion out there either innocently or not and it sprouts legs and gallops off around the world! 🙂

For the record AEONS are described as embryonic!

Another reminder to stop following blindly!

NHL available to read on line:


Related background to JLL and his early marriage to Jan Kerouac


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http://biblehub.com/greek/758.htm  ~ Strong’s Greek definition of ‘Archon’

archón: ruler, chief
Original Word: ἄρχων, οντος, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: archón
Phonetic Spelling: (ar’-khone)
Short Definition: a ruler, prince, leader
Definition: a ruler, governor, leader, leading man; with the Jews, an official member (a member of the executive) of the assembly of elders.

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Gnostic Archons = Aliens?
Posted on June 20, 2008
Ah, our first foray into the weird, wonderful world of John Lamb Lash. For those of you unfamiliar with Lash, he is a modern Gnostic. No, I’m not going to pick on Gnosticism. I am going to pick on Lash’s Gnostic nonsense at a specific point.”


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Gnostic Archons = Aliens? Part 2 on John Lamb Lash’s Theory

At any rate, in my first post on this topic, I quoted John Lamb Lash’s online article on this subject. Specifically, Lash makes this claim:

“Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary reports to a T. Or I should say, to an ET” (emphasis mine).

Really? Can we test this claim? Sure – and it’s easy.”




Gnostic Archons = Aliens? Part 3 (of 3) on John Lamb Lash’s Theory

….As you may recall, in the first video (Part 2 of this series), I searched for terms Lash uses (embryonic, reptilian, fetal, etc.) to claim that the Gnostic texts from Nag Hammadi describe the “Greys” — the little Grey aliens we know from TV and film that have big heads, slanted eyes, etc. The argument is that the Greys’ appearance is consistent with terms like those Lash allegedly finds for the Gnostic archons in the Gnostic texts. Watch the first video if you want to see what’s really there (or not there).

In this video, I reverse the approach and look for all occurrences of the term “archons” in the Gnostic library from Nag Hammadi. Are they described as Lash suggests? Nope. And more than that, I’ll actually show you a passage that denies Lash’s view.


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And there’s an interesting dialogue in the comments here between Michael Heiser and John Lamb Lash:-



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Updated 21/3/15: Hypatia ~ Philosopher, Mathematician, Neo-Platonist, Genius, Woman ~ Murdered (edited 16/11)

…because she was too big a threat to the church of Rome


“To rule by fettering the mind through fear of punishment in another world, is just as base as to use force.”   Hypatia









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In ‘Not in His Image’ page 11 John Lamb Lash writes

“Locating Gnostics like Hypatia ….”

JLL is WRONG – Hypatia was NOT a Gnostic but a Neo-Platonist as is evidenced by the sources above.  Neo-Platonism and Gnosticism are different.

That’s the first red flag imo regarding JLL.  There’s a second with his assertions on Archons……

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Sharon Tate Murders – a psy-op – Miles Mathis Updated Dec 2014

The more I discover, the more I realise how little I know.

We’ve been told that everything is an illusion and we pay lip-service to the notion but does the enormity of that really sink in at first?  Its beginning to!

I remember seeing this in the papers when I was a kid – particularly the photo of the Tate/Polanski bedroom and thinking for a film-star’s bedroom it was a bit ordinary – a bit of a let down!  Maybe my intuition was sharper than I thought?

Another false flag psyop.  Much gratitude to Miles Mathis

Part 1: the Backstory

Of all the “conspiracy theories” I have run across over the years, amazingly this is not one of them. I searched the internet for anything on this theory and got nothing, even at Above Top Secret and sites like that. But now that we know many recent tragedies have been faked in Hollywood fashion, why not go back to previous decades, to see how long this has been going on?”


Miles has updated his article with further information regarding Charles Manson and his alleged up-coming marriage!!

[Update, December 2014. They are going ahead with this wedding charade, although it wouldn’t do Manson any good even if all this were real. He wouldn’t get conjugal visits, so what’s the point? Anyway, the Los Angeles Times has now printed the marriage license, giving us the latest clue…..]

update continues at the link above

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Cargo Cults

Allegedly, Cargo Cults sprang up in and around the remote islands of the South Pacific during WW2 when Allied troops dropped food and other necessary supplies such as medicine (along with armaments) from Cargo planes, though some believe Cargo Cults have been round much longer than that.  For the purposes of this illustration we’ll stick with WW2.

To the native inhabitants of these islands who had probably never seen a plane before, let alone one dropping ‘gifts’ from the sky, these events were regarded as miraculous.  When the war ended and these ‘gifts’ from the sky stopped the myth arose that they must have come from the gods.  Needless to say, these remote islanders kept hoping these generous sky gods would return with some more goodies.

They had presumably seen soldiers clearing paths on beaches for landing strips and doing military drills etc and many of these islanders took it into their heads that these must be the rituals necessary to preempt a visit.

Its easy to see how new religions are created 😉

Perhaps the most widely known is the ‘John Frum’ cargo cult.

See this article for more about John Frum http://www.nthposition.com/thelastcargo.php

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Guy Ballard and the ‘Ascended Masters’ phenomenon

Unveiled Mysteries by Guy Ballard writing as ‘Godfré Ray King’
Available to read on line here:http://www.bahaistudies.net/asma/unveiled_mysteries.pdf


A brief bio of Mr Ballard – originator of the ‘I AM’ movement, Theosophy student, introduced us to St Germain and the ‘Ascended Masters’ and allegedly a fraudster.  Without him Sheldon Nidle and the other Ascended Master flunkies would have to find other ways to make a living. 


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Old Diary Leaves – H S Olcott





SINCE I am to tell the story of the birth and progress of the Theosophical Society, I must begin at the beginning, and tell how its two founders first met. It was a very prosaic incident: I said “Permettez moi, Madame,” and gave her a light for her cigarette; our acquaintance began in smoke, but it stirred up a great and permanent fire. The circumstances which brought us together were peculiar, as I shall presently explain. The facts have been partly published before.
One day, in the month of July, 1874, I was sitting in my law-office thinking over a heavy case in which I had been retained by the Corporation of the City of New York, when it occurred to me that for years I had paid no attention to the Spiritualist movement. I do not

know what association of ideas made my mind pass from the mechanical construction of water-metres to Modern Spiritualism, but, at all events, I went around the corner to a dealer’s and bought a copy of the Banner of Light. In it I read an account of certain incredible phenomena, viz., the solidification of phantom forms, which were said to be occurring at a farm-house in the township of Chittenden, in the State of Vermont, several hundred miles distant from New York. I saw at once that, if it were true that visitors could see, even touch and converse with, deceased relatives who had found means to reconstruct their bodies and clothing so as to be temporarily solid, visible, and tangible, this was the most important fact in modern physical science. I determined to go and see for myself. I did so, found the story true, stopped three or four days, and then returned to New York. I wrote an account of my observations to the New York Sun, which was copied pretty much throughout the whole world, so grave and interesting were the facts. A proposal was then made to me by the Editor of the New York Daily Graphic to return to Chittenden in its interest, accompanied by an artist to sketch under my orders, and to make a thorough investigation of the affair. The matter so deeply interested me that I made the necessary disposition of office engagements, and on September 17th was back at the “Eddy Homestead,” as it was called from the name of the family who owned and occupied it. I stopped in that house of mystery, surrounded by phantoms and having daily

experiences of a most extraordinary character, for about twelve weeks—if my memory serves me.