This was discovered on a recent blog-hop as a reply to someone asking, not unreasonably imo, how did the person putting out some “fear porn” know they were right and where did the info come from and/or who gave them the “one and only truth” so that it could be checked and verified.

Here’s the reply.  The words are English …..

No-one has to be “afraid” of what’s going on in order to remove consent! HOWEVER, and it is a BIG “however” – they do have to KNOW what is happening all around them without their knowledge!


How can you even say that you don’t want something happening on the planet – IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT EXISTS? This is not possible!

Wha…..? If something I don’t want doesn’t exist why would I want to create it?????????? I don’t want swamp monsters taking over the planet. Do I have to find out if they exist first before saying that??



Confused?  Maybe that’s the intention!