Ley lines – debunked?


Are you familiar with the concept of a ley lines? Well, these are apparently special magical lines that run between ancient archaeological sites or monuments. If like me, you grew up devouring all the mystical books doing the rounds such as “Chariot of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken, or “The Third Eye” by Lobsang T Rampa, then you will have no doubt come across these at some point, in fact, I’d be astonished if you had not heard of them, the concept has more or less embedded itself as a cultural meme these days.

So where did all this originally come from?

It was all started by a self-taught archaeologist, Alfred Watkins who in 1921 made the observation that ancient monuments appear to all line up and so he suggested that perhaps these had been setup like this in neolithic times as line-of-sight navigational markers. OK, that sounds a reasonable hypothesis, but of course the concept has been taken up and inflated into a far more groundless new-age belief.

UK residents can visit this website and enter their post code to see if they are living on a ley line 😉