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When Positive Thinking Becomes Religion: How “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” Poison Spirituality


The “New Thought” movement (the precursor of “The Secret”).



What’s the scoop on Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet”?   


“January 16, 2001
Dear Straight Dope:

I would appreciate some insight into the case of Edgar Casey, the “Sleeping Prophet.” Although Edgar did turn his trance sessions into a money-making venture, what I’ve read has many elements of a solid story, especially the presence of a disconnected stenographer, and several verifiable accounts of medical treatments. Does the story of Edgar Casey meet with your skeptical approval? —

— Thomas Walsh, Chicago”

OK, first things first. Although his name was indeed pronounced “Casey,” it’s spelled “Cayce.” For those who aren’t familiar with him, here’s some background:

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Channeled Messages: Who’s Really Talking? From “Splinter in The Mind”

This applies equally well to other channellers currently promoting themselves or being promoted by others in the alternative media and Bronte Baxter’s points are well made in our opinion.

“I haven’t yet found one source of “channeled truth” that doesn’t deny subtly what I know of the world. Take Caroline Cory, for instance, the author of a book called “The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012.” Caroline Cory ‘s website contains a page called “Universal Messages,” channeled guidance she apparently received for the rest of us from unseen entities she trusts as wise and good. Some of what the messages say sounds lovely. Careful reading, however, reveals the same old attempts at human programming that the fourth-dimension has become famous for. Examples in a moment.

What am I saying, that I think there’s no one out there in all the frequency dimensions unperceived by the human eye who is decent, free, intelligent and inclined to help humanity? Not at all. I’m just saying they don’t exist in the frequency nearest to ours which apparently is the one doing the talking.

A bit about frequency fields. The naked eye perceives only the vibrations of the electromagnetic spectrum called “visible light.” The other frequencies (radio, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma) oscillate at a vibration too high or too low to be picked up visually, in the same way the human ear can’t hear sounds of too high a pitch, although a dog can hear them. It’s been suggested that most psychic communications take place in the wave length one notch down from visible light: infrared. Some call this frequency the abode of troubled spirits (ghosts and demons). I would add that it’s also apparently the abode of those who call themselves “the gods” and “ascended masters,” judging from the shit they sell us.

Take a look at the following messages communicated through Cory:

“Remember, we are an invisible “government” governing your planet. We are here to restore the harmonics of Heaven and our plan is infallible.”

“This global circuit is already in place and active. It is comprised of humans and nonhumans, visible and invisible beings who have volunteered to bring about this divine change. It is already done. You must not question your faith and trust in the divine order.”

“From our perspective, it is indeed a divine act to begin this endeavor and attempt to solidify all individuals’ values and and backgrounds in one set of rules.”

“You must not question”? “We are an invisible government governing your planet”? “Solidify all individuals’ values and background in one set of rules?” Does this sound like freedom to you?

Then there is this from the website’s page of recommended “Prayers”:

“We ask that our administration embraces people from all cultures and all religions as ONE human population intending to live in peace and harmony on this Earth.”

“We acknowledge that all experiences are in perfect Cosmic Order and in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source.”

“We ask and intend that we remain focused on peaceful and positive thoughts so we may only attract peaceful and positive circumstances and experiences.”

This surely sounds like the language of the New World Order. The added admonishment that we must always think positive and be peaceful is typical of Eastern and New Age religion. Sweet on the surface, but in fact we’re being told to limit our thoughts within a range that will offer no resistance to what’s happening around us.

This is further borne out in the statement: “We acknowledge that all experiences are in perfect Cosmic Order and in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source,” another popular dogma in Easternism and the New Age. If we can be persuaded that everything happens just as it’s supposed to, just as God intended, and that the world is perfect as it is, we won’t lift a hand, a voice or a thought to interfere with that perfect “Cosmic Order.”

To me, it’s an atrocity to suggest that a world as fraught with suffering as ours is “in perfect alignment with the Creator-Source,” yet Easternism and New Age tell us that all the time. Religions or messages that teach this reinforce our acceptance of what always should remain unacceptable. But that is the way it works with the global agenda. A new spirituality is needed to keep people locked into the old accepting programming. Hence the renovations being done on religion today.

We do have friends in the unseen, but they don’t send channeled and starship messages. They support our emancipation by sending thoughts and ideas that open our minds. They even assist our direct efforts to do things that might help humanity. I believe this, because I’ve experienced such support. But these beings act unobtrusively, like a good schoolteacher who watches over the children’s shoulders, quietly pointing here and there, while the students work the problems out for themselves. Our trans-dimensional friends aren’t out there pontificating New Age platitudes, announcing all is fine and that they’ll take care of the world’s problems if we see fit not to question them. They’re watching to see if we have the hutzbuh to set things right for ourselves.

Why am I sure of this? Because off-world beings who truly are mankind’s friends would never take over our fight. As a race, we’ve done little in our history but play follow-the-leader. That’s why we’re in this kind of shape. Always it’s someone outside ourselves we’ve expected to come up with the answers, to fix things. That attitude has invited global manipulation of gargantuan proportions. Manipulation I suggest we deserve if we’re still unwilling to stand on our own feet and take charge of our destiny.

Diseases don’t attack healthy people. A race of interdimensional beings doesn’t clandestinely take control of a planet of people who practice self-autonomy. If we are sick as a planet, it’s not because of greed and selfishness, as religious leaders and others would have believe. Accepting that guilt trip just further erodes self-trust, making us seek even more desperately for external guidance (a need our leaders happily accommodate).

We are sick as a planet because we don’t self-determine. Because we think we are limited. Because we believe we’re fundamentally unable to control what happens in our lives. In fact, nothing’s farther from the truth. We’re creating everything every minute with every thought by mentally accepting the world we have been given. This will change when we pull ourselves up by our suspenders and start ordaining what happens here. If enough of us do that, we’ll route the curmudgeons who laugh at their ability to make us accept our smallness and to send us down spiritual detours again and again.

The answers aren’t coming from off-world entities. They exist within us, in the creative workshop of our minds. Our minds aligned with intuition, the quiet knowledge whispering in our souls that still remembers the way things were originally intended, the kind of world we and the Infinite meant this one to be. When enough of us turn to that font of inspiration, and listen to the thoughts of those around us who also are looking within, we’ll continue to piece together the mysteries of this universe and how to establish our independence in it. Dialog and listening are critical. Not to gods and gurus, ascended masters or channeled messages, but to our own personal interior divinity.


I’d like to add a clarification and a practical tip here, for anyone interested. Just as it’s useful to listen to other people who have harmonious intentions for the planet and are in touch with their intuition or inner voice, there’s nothing wrong with asking for insight from the same quality of entities who don’t inhabit bodies on this plane. I find it can be helpful to ask for inspiration and insight, but it’s critical whom you ask. If you send up a prayer without an address, you give permission for anyone to step in and answer it, thereby influencing you however they please. Worse, if you ask for help from a particular guide, god, guru, ascended master or religious figure without being certain that entity does not have ulterior self-serving motives, you invite that questionable being to work its will in your life.

I believe it’s important to take special care about asking for help from “the Creator.” The physical creator of humanity appears to be different from the First Cause, First Consciousness, the creator of all life in all the dimensions. Those we call the gods say they are the creators of humanity. If that’s true, if they established physical life or human life on this planet, then when you pray to the Creator, those characters are the beings you connect with. Better to say something like “You in the Unseen who work to support the freedom and happiness of all beings” if you want to connect with beneficent spirits, or “First Consciousness, Source of All” if you want to connect with the Infinite within you.

It’s good to make clear that you no longer will accept the influence of questionable entities you used to pray or meditate to by stating this firmly so as to be rid of them. “I consciously disconnect myself from all energies, entities and programs that may be or are feeding upon me” are useful words for cutting off contact. It’s most effective if you say this out loud three or four times, until you feel some emotion behind it and subsequent release. It’s good to repeat these words (or something similar) anytime you may feel influenced by unwanted entities or energies.”

© Bronte Baxter



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“Channeling” according to scepdic.com ~ The Skeptic’s Dictionary ~ started circa 1972  see here

Thought Food

A link to a now closed forum in which Stewart Swerdlow is discussed along with a few other topics.

Of note from the various contributors:

“How many people don’t realize that they only pick the programming or reality that coincides with their desires?”

“It’s not about believing, it’s about knowing. So, .. check for yourself as much as possible.”

“… much of the new age stuff is fabricated….. to weaken you…. with the the help of old systems like the kabbalah, which likely can be seen as a “software” program to applicate the metaphysical in one (programmed) specific way.”


“Most of the new age stuff is based on many ancient systems like the kabbala which was created by the ego of man which also “created” gods and hiarchies as thought forms or archons so man becomes controlled by his own creation? just a thought.”

Read the whole thread to get the context.

Guy Ballard and the ‘Ascended Masters’ phenomenon

Unveiled Mysteries by Guy Ballard writing as ‘Godfré Ray King’
Available to read on line here:http://www.bahaistudies.net/asma/unveiled_mysteries.pdf


A brief bio of Mr Ballard – originator of the ‘I AM’ movement, Theosophy student, introduced us to St Germain and the ‘Ascended Masters’ and allegedly a fraudster.  Without him Sheldon Nidle and the other Ascended Master flunkies would have to find other ways to make a living. 


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Kryon at the UN


“In 1995, Lee was asked to present Kryon at the United Nations (U.N.) in New York City before a U.N.- chartered group known as the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.). The meeting was so well accepted that they were invited back four more times, in 1996, 1998 and in 2005 and 2006 to present his message of love! These meetings are held upstairs in the working areas of the UN building, not far from the General Assembly. Only delegates to the UN and guests of the society may attend.”



Now why would that esteemed and trust-worthy  organisation  the ‘United Nations’  want to promote a channeler?


Edited 13/11 to add this from loveforlife.com.au :


[Note: What Is Common With Everyone Listed In This Debunkers List, Including Many Others Not Listed As Yet, Is They “DO NOT PROVIDE A REMEDY TO HELP ANYONE STEP OUT OF THE FICTION WHERE ALL THE HARM IS PRESENTLY BEING DONE TO THEMSELVES, TO OTHERS, TO NATURE, TO EARTH, BASICALLY TO ALL OF CREATION”. They Provide Knowledge Which Keeps Everyone Trapped In The Fiction…………………

What do you do with this within????

There is no within as there is no without. All that exists is creation. There is no time or space, or levels, or dimensions, or planes or boundaries etc etc therefore there is no within or without either!!!

There is so much more to this subject but not the time to explain it all here and now. The point I am saying is all channelled beings are DEMONS of the Astral World, are man-made by fallen men and women, not disregarding HAARP, Chemtrails, Regan Star Wars Laser Satellites, ELF pulses, electro-magnetic frequencies/vibrations etc etc. Its all a CON. Its all part of the James-Bond Syndrome I have written so much about.

We are the creator, its just that we have split from the creator we are, by the con-structs (images) we focus on and project which come bouncing back to us in the image of our deluded imaginings. Consciousness is not bound to any divide and rule. It is impossible to divide and rule consciousness, but we can imagine that we have done so, thus we have 3rd party con-structs like KRYON who con-vey such deluded splits between the creator and us!!!!!

Just what is this Magnetic Service? It is our acts of love that are magnetic as they entwine together to form the conscious-living DNA of creation. When will people get that we are the creators and that there are not some mysterious beings floating around above us, speaking “through the veil”, lovingly overseeing things, keeping things from us “until the time is right”, patting us on the head and telling us that all we have to do is sit tight because the shift has happened and everything is going to be o.k.? When will people finally wake up to the fact that WE have to take the responsibility for putting things right and that the way to do that is by stopping our polluting habits, planting gardens, planting many, many trees and stopping the brainwashing process that our children are undergoing. Why isn’t Kryon telling us to do that instead of telling us that the shift has happened and everything will be all right? It’s time to stop relying on the planets, the stars, channelled beings, cosmic forces, tall, blond aliens, purple grids and gurus. It’s time to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. Anyone up for that?

Our consciousness is the consciousness of the creator. How can a child be a child if it has no parents. How can we have consciousness if the creator has no consciousness??? This scenario is impossible unless you pretend it (a lie) to be so. Therefore the consciousness of the living God is our consciousness just as our body is the body of our child. Our consciousness is the consciousness of the living God just as the child’s body is the body of its parents. KRYON is a lying demonic bastard; there are even more lies to be covered in KRYON’S (Freemasonry channelled) demonology but lets do this another time when we are chatting face to face.”



That’s something to think about imho.


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