It is hotting up/It is cooling down… Global Moaning

Apparently the Earth is still warming up according to another recent post on the Beeb’s website.

Apparently there’s a “decade long ice age” on its way due to the sun going into hibernation according to a recent post on a different msm website.

Those two can’t both be right.  So which is it?  Do I start saving water or learn to knit?  Confused?  That’s the plan ~ SNAFU!!

But anyway…..there’s this climate hoo-ha going on in Ooh-la-la Land.

Ignore the global spokes-shepherds’ and their lobbied gobby mouth-pieces use of their gas-guzzling luxury planes, limos and hobby-cars! We their erstwhile sheep must do as we are told, not as they do, and think of the planet, not their hypocrisy!!

Ignore the waste of resources that went into making all the special road signs which are only used for a week max. (probably less) on these occasions so that the flunkies of the aforementioned spokes-shepherds, gobby-lobbies and the press can find their way to the conference and their hotels.   Do you think they’ll all be taking notice of the environmental notices in their hotel bathrooms and using their towels wisely?  Hmm.. best not go there..

Ignore all the luxury food flown in for this back-slapping sycophantic get-together (and how much of it ends up in the poubelle) when the TV adverts appear in the run up to Xmas showing the mal-nurished populations of war ravaged areas of the World.

If these “experts” are so concerned about their carbon foot-prints or whatever the latest trendy word is they are meme-ing us with, why aren’t they holding conference calls instead of creating bouchons and blockades in and around Paris? Oh, sorry! I forgot! They don’t give a hoot about how much of anything they waste because they are the ones getting rich from the “green”or “eco” taxes they force us to pay.

It is ironic that Maurice Strong died at the week-end when it is said he contributed largely to this bash.  RIP.  We can be grateful for a reduction in hot air from an old fart.  Let’s hope he has an environmentally-friendly send off in a basket casket!