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Interior of a medieval wooden stave church


Uploaded on Oct 16, 2009 by nadflah

Use the HQ-button! I dug out an old mini-DV video tape, tested out a format conversion, tried to rework the video colors just a little bit, and – at the same time – I “revisited” the interior of the Uvdal Stave Church, built around 1168 AD.

Please watch this interior!

The church has one of the most beautiful interiors of the preserved medieval Norwegian wooden stave churches. I did this video recording for the web site Numedalsnett many many years ago. The owner – Fortidsminneforeningen in Norway – said OK to the shooting, but they wouldn’t allow much lights or electricity. The church itself has no electricity installed.

Enjoy the interior of one of Norway’s true treasures 🙂

Recording date: The late summer of 2001.
Recording location: Interior of the Uvdal Stave Church, Nore and Uvdal, Norway.
Recorded music: Ulf Meyn, composing and performing on the guitar.
Recorded images and editing: Erik Meyn, but many years ago.
Recording gadget: A small low budget SONY mini-DV camera.

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Church owner: Fortidsminneforeningen, Norway.

Original web publisher: Numedalsnett AS.
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