Creation of the Universe as in the Upnishads and Modern Physics

Aim of creation.
The aim of creation is to give a chance to all the souls to become human beings and then to realize God Who is absolute Bliss. They can realize God by doing absolute good actions and surrendering to Him. Souls are unlimited in number and are in an infinitesimal ‘life’ form, having a subtle mind of their own. When they receive human body during the creation they do good or bad actions according to the discrimination of their own mind. The record of these actions, called the sanskars or the karmas, are stored in a section of the mind. The consequences of these karmas have to be fructified otherwise there would be no meaning of classifying them as good or bad, and they do fructify. Thus, these collective karmas are like a subtle semi-dormant ‘force’ which reside in the mind of every soul and become the cause of its next incarnation; and the force of the collective karmas of all the unlimited souls works as one of the causal forces to create and maintain the universe.

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