Not Paying for Services

The other day I came across an advert for an upcoming ‘guru’ event which had been posted on a blog. After scrolling past the initial “must see this” endorsements usually attributed to the PR company,  I noticed a pro and ante debate had arisen in the comments section along the lines of “lining the pockets” of such people versus “paying the “guru” for a service”.

“Paying for a service” is what set me thinking.  Its often used in defence in such situations.  It is assumed that the ‘guru’ is providing others with a service so should be paid for his or her time.

If my wall needed painting and I had a physical impairment or no access to ladders or any other necessary equipment which prevented me from doing it myself, then its likely I would have to hire someone who provided a painting service and pay them to do it on my behalf.   If I needed a burst water-pipe replacing or repairing I’d call a plumber and pay them to do the work for me.  Same goes for when my car needs a Service.  I’m not a mechanic so I pay someone who is and they do it for me, on my behalf. 

If there were problems with the people I’d hired to do the work on my behalf then I would get them back to sort them out – usually its all part of the service I have paid for, part of the guarantee.  Service is  defined variously in the Oxford English Dictionary as:  the action of helping or doing work for someone, an act of assistance, or assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods, so all the above examples apply.

Here’s something to note in that definition:  assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods.  So if “gurus” are providing a Service as was claimed, that also implies they’re trying to sell something.  

Why do some people think they need  ‘gurus’?

Is it the remnant of centuries of indoctrination by clergy and other religious leaders who assured us, often by killing and torturing us, that we needed a third-party for us to become spiritually aware?  That is, teaching us we don’t have the capability on our own so we have to be rounded up like sheep and provided with a shepherd to lead us?

Is it because they cannot do the work themselves or believe they can’t?  Maybe it is.   “Religion” comes from Middle English which in turn originates from Old French or Latin religio,  religare meaning obligation, bond or to bind. We have become obligated to bind ourselves to someone else to think for us, or on our behalf whether it was the church fabricated in antiquity or its relatively modern replacement, the fabricated New Age movement which provides a new cage for some and a new wage for others.  If that is so then we haven’t made much progress as a species. We just seem to be going round in circles.

 Is it because they want a short-cut ~ a fast-track to getting all the answers where   everything is presented neatly packaged so there’s minimum effort involved on behalf of the seeker?  Could be!  I hold my hand up here and say that was me many years ago!  We were all young once and anxious to know things a.s.a.p. so we could get on with the rest of our lives!  What became obvious very quickly is that a ‘guru’ can’t do the work on our behalf and there is no short-cut to going within for answers.  That is the shortcut – going within ourself.  Who else can we trust?

If I want to get in touch with my Spirituality, no-one can do it on my behalf or for me.  No-one but me can provide me with that “service”.

 If we just go back to the ‘ascension’ meme circa 2011 – 2012 and look at all the different scenarios which were presented to us by those ‘gurus’ claiming to have inside knowledge from every alien species they could think of or think up, access to ancient prophecies and calendars newly interpreted, etc, etc, from the whole Earth ascending overnight, only the righteous ascending or …..(pick a category)….., to Earth splitting into either two or three parts and then……………………………………………………………. NONE OF IT HAPPENED!  One even  told his partner and his followers he was confident that he would no longer be on Earth on 22 December, 2012.  He was and still is! Consequently some of these ‘gurus’ disappeared leaving a lot of disillusioned people behind, many of whom were turned off permanently from venturing off the mainstream again, which may have been the intention.  Some had a make-over and reinvented themselves admitting they’d made a mistake about the date (which was laudable, up to a point) and it was now all going to happen at the Spring Equinox of 2013 ………….or maybe Fall Equinox 2013 at the very, very latest.  And here we still are, mid 2015 and they are too.  Some took a bit longer to resurface,  probably in the hope that people have short memories.  Incredibly, some of those who bought the honeyed words the first time round are still trying to persuade others that this person or that person is the ‘real deal’ and woe betide anyone who challenges their beliefs.  Snake-oil, anyone?

So did all the ones who paid these ‘gurus’ for their services get their money back?   I don’t recall any of them offering a refund on books or ticket sales for getting it wrong. They sold faulty goods, assistance or advice.  If a workman provided a faulty service would you accept ‘Sorry, I got it wrong’ without providing you with a refund or making it right or would you pay him some more to see if he got it right next time or the time after that ad infinitum?  There’s a saying “A fool and his money are soon parted”.  

Is it because these ‘gurus’ offer temporary hope or some ‘feel-good’ factor?  That suggests people haven’t realised that feeling good comes from inside oneself – from that inner knowing that everything is really OK and nothing external is needed.  For some that can take a lifetime to achieve. It takes work on the self by the self.  Its the realisation that there are no external saviours but there’s no need to be afraid of that because we are all capable of saving ourselves. That is what liberates us.  Being content with our own contents. Paying for something to make us feel good is only transient, temporary.  When it wears off what then?  Another search for the  next ‘fix’, the next ‘high’?  Some people get addicted to that and spend their entire lives searching.  An addict is usually the last person to recognise they are addicted.

What about those who cannot afford to pay for the tickets to go and see the ‘guru’ that everyone seems to be eulogising over?  They would perhaps feel disadvantaged  or excluded but there’s no need for them to  be.  The truth is out there for free!  Setting the intention to find it unlocks it.  Its available to everyone who wants it.  “Gurus” do not have exclusive rights over truth!

There’s a law in the UK that stipulates that Tarot Readers, Psychics, Mediums and so forth must be advertised as Entertainment not Services. They cannot provide evidence that what they tell you is true, neither can the “gurus’.

So pay them if you want to be entertained.  Don’t pay them for doing something on your behalf because ultimately they can’t do the work for you.  They cannot perform that service.


I don’t agree with everything Miles Mathis says but maybe he’s got something with this one.  Miles Mathis on ‘gurus’


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