Arthur Cristian – The Most Powerful Video On Spirituality And Happiness FOR SLAVES…

Or How to Acept Slavery and be Happy About It

“We were asked by Dana….

“Arthur, have you ever seen this Eckhart Tolle video before? Although he does (only very briefly) mention a few constructs of the system, such as Jesus and Buddha, i think a lot of what he shares could really be helpful for people trying to break free of the illusion, and – even more so – the trauma. ”

We replied…………

You won’t see him point out all the nefarious psyops programs that locks the duped into “The System”. He maybe innocent of his duplicity but his work prepares the duped to enter the NWO without realising the psyops programs currently compelling them to continue their/our/MANS enslavement. The Dalai Lama is another blatant mis-leader using almost the same type of psyops programming tactics Echart Tolle is working with.

Everything gets incredibly simple, uncomplicated and easy when fallen-MAN can recognise the clearly defined distinction between SENSE & NON-SENSE, between sensory images and non-sensory images.

“The System” is trauma based and everything of “The System” is reaction to trauma which is all about giving our life-force-energy to non-sensory-images (darkness) to set them into motion.”

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