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Published on Apr 24, 2013
They were the greatest heresy of the Middle Ages, arguably an offshoot of the ancient Gnostics that undermined the authority of the religious and political powers of the time. Their bloody demise is one of the darkest moments in Christian history that still resonates today. We take a historical and esoteric safari of the Cathars, their history, theology, tragedy and whether or not they truly held some of the ancient treasures like the Holy Grail.

Astral Guest—Sean Martin, author of ‘The Cathars’ and ‘The Gnostics’.

Topics Discussed:
–Understanding the concept of Dualism and how it relates to the Cathars and other Gnostics.
–A detailed account of the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars that lasted decades and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.
–The theology and rituals of the Cathars, including their mysterious ceremony of voluntary suicide.
–Evidence revealing that the Cathars might have originated as early as the beginning of Christianity.
–Did the Cathars hold secrets treasures such as the Holy Grail?
–How the Cathar movement survived after the genocide of Southern France, and might be even alive until today.
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