Gilgamesh The Hunter ~ Ralph Ellis

Gilgamesh is the ancient Sumerian epic, written some 4,000 years ago and rediscovered only in the nineteenth century. It is a story that has echoes of the biblical Old Testament, with its graphic details of the flood and the formation of mankind from the dust of the earth. The bulk of the story is devoted to the king of Sumer known as Gilgamesh and his epic quest into the mystical forests of cedar where he performs many heroic deeds. The epic of Gilgamesh is thought to be the earliest heroic story ever written in the world, but the historians may be up to 600 years adrift in this calculation, as their chronology is founded on a misinterpretation of what the story is really about. Historians have generally translated the tale as being a literal epic of this Sumerian king making his mark on the world, but I think that they may be in error here.


© 1998, 1999 by R. Ellis

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