The Hidden King(s) – Miles Mathis (added to on 30 May 2017)

Camelot Ruled from the Cave of Merlin


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JFK born May 1917.

Oswald – something odd about the photos.

This jury is still out…..

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Something else to consider from Tyrone McCloskey:

JFKTV ~ The Kennedy Assassination as Television Programming

This book can be read as a spoof of JFK research or as non- fiction, your choice. Because none of the radical content of this book is provable beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no reason to insist that what is offered is fact. There are some facts included, but the premise and conclusion herein may seem more like satire than reasoned speculation. I won’t hold a gun to your head and insist you believe anything in this volume.

That said, the fact that a half-century of research has not produced a definite answer to the JFK assassination, nor has it brought anyone to justice, it is long overdue to question whether or not the assassination took place at all. And it’s reasonable to ask that question in a country that still insists it operates under the rule of law.

With that in mind, divest yourself of all assumptions about how the world works and try to keep your critical faculties engaged at the expense of your emotions.

Updated to include new paper from Miles on JFK (30/5/2017)

Looks Like JFK Was Gay