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This has been a theory from the very beginning, as most people know, but all the proof I have seen up to now isn’t completely convincing. What we normally see is a lot of speculation about the alleged shooting in December of 1980. Many discrepancies have indeed been found, but I will not repeat them (except for a couple in my endnotes). I find more recent photographic evidence to be far easier and quicker to compile—and more convincing at a glance, as it were—so that is what I will show you here. All this evidence is based on research I did myself. I am not repeating the work of anyone else and I take full responsibility for everything here. If it appeals to you, great. If not, feel free to dismiss it. That is completely up to you, and if you don’t agree, fine. When I say “proof” in my title, I mean it is proof enough for me. I no longer have a reasonable doubt.


Then think and discern.