Emperor Constantine ~ Christian ‘Conversion’ ~ Pagan Coins?

Constantine and all his “Pagan Coins”, a little evidence

Even though the founder of Catholicism, Roman Emperor Constantine, was said to have been converted from paganism to Christianity, he continued to put pagan symbols on all the coins that he had minted. The evidence on his coins indicates that his full conversion to Christianity was anything but sincere.


This is an example of the coins that Constantine had minted even after his questionable conversion from paganism to Christianity, on its back it still contains the inscription and the symbol for his favorite pagan sun God, “Sol Invictus”. The truth be told, Constantine surreptitiously simply changed the name of his favorite pagan sun God “Sol Invictus”, to “Jesus”, in the half pagan/half Christian hybrid called “Catholicism”, that he came up with.

The Catholics simply gave Sol Invictus the new name “Jesus” so that they could keep worshiping the old pagan sun God under a guise. In fact Constantine even made up December 25th as the fake new birth date for Jesus just because it was the age old traditional birthday of his real favorite, pagan sun God, “Sol Invictus”. This coin is a common example that is representative of all the pagan coins Constantine still minted even after his so called conversion. He continued to mint these coins to commemorate the pagan sun God Sol Invictus right up until the day of his death.
Constantine even unilaterally changed the Sabbath day from the Father’s designated day of Saturday, to “Sun” day, just to commemorate the pagan “Sun” god, Sol Invictus.

Would a real Christian do that?


The man who laid out Catholicism. Was really a pagan.”