The Theft Of History

We agree with Quigley

First World War Hidden History

The truth about the First World War remains hidden. Serious historians, researchers and interested members of the public have been thwarted in their attempts to find out what really happened. In 1914 the first casualty of war was the truth and even a century later members of the British Establishment persist in disseminating their lies and myths. They have much to hide. We will demonstrate that facts about the causes of the war, the questionable events during it, and ludicrous claims made afterwards, were all subjected to rigid censorship, misinformation, propaganda, carefully selected documentary ‘proofs’, unsubstantiated ‘evidence’ and complicit, officially approved histories. The Secret Elite not only caused the war but dictated afterwards how it was recorded and translated into history. It was their war, and we are taught their history. Professor Quigley warned of the inherent danger of the Secret Elite’s ‘triple-front penetration’ of politics, the press and education. ‘No…

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