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(Michael Tsarion is Wrong/Nowhere to Run with Chris White)

Tsarion real name Brian Heatley and is a protege of Russell Pine 😉  aka Jordan Maxwell

Reality Sandwich article by Geoff Stray

“Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of The Flower of Life and The Serpent of Light, has just released a new video, available in 14 parts on Youtube. The Maya of Eternal Time claims to reveal new information about prophecies held by the indigenous Maya of today. Broadcasting from a futuristic-looking set, Melchizedek says he received permission from Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez, the leader of the Mayan council of elders, to disseminate this material. According to this program, somewhere between now and 2015, magnetic pole shift will be followed by a physical one in which we will go blind for thirty hours before all of humanity attains a higher state of consciousness.

In my book Beyond 2012, I sought to separate fact from rumor in regard to the end of the Long Count Calendar of the Classical Maya. Watching Melchizidek’s production, I found a number of factual anomalies and points to question. These are enumerated below, and below that, I offer my review of The Serpent of Light, which was similarly riddled with inaccuracies and seeming exaggerations.

The Maya of Eternal Time

1. Melchizidek quotes from the recent book, The Chaos Point, without mentioning its author, Ervin Laszlo.

2. The Aztec Sunstone is not the Mayan calendar; he connects it to the Precession of the Equinoxes, but this is meaningless — precession may be on the outer dots according to Professor Gordon Brotherston, but not where Melchizidek said.

3. The waffle about Fibonacci didn’t connect to evolution or 2012 — he must have been thinking of Smelyakov’s Auric Time Scale, but didn’t know enough to make sense.

4. The precession cycle does not have an apogee and perigee — these are the nearest and furthest parts of an elliptical orbit.

5. If comet Holmes is the Blue Star, why haven’t the ceremonies ceased as predicted in the rest of the prophecy? (My friend lived on Hopi reservation last year and witnessed a ceremony in a kiva).

6. Cayce predictions — there are many errors, not just one. Many sites list them, for example, Fortean Times.

7. He implies that the Maya tracked Milankovitch cycles, but there is no evidence for this.

8. If the stars are not visible at night, this does NOT mean we have all gone blind . . . what about clouds, fog, smoke, volcanic ash??

9. Don Alejandro originally said 60-70 hours of darkness, not 30!

10. Why would Don Alejandro speak of Pachamama, when this is a Peruvian term?

11. He also paraphrased one of my favorite McKenna quotes, (comparing birth side-effects with Earth changes) but of course, he failed to mention its source, as he fails to mention any of his sources, thus impressing the impressionable.

I have a friend who related a detailed story about his meeting with archaeologists in Belize to a woman who was a friend of Drunvalo, and he later saw his story related online by Drunvalo in a publicity spiel for his Serpent of Light book, but the story was told as if Drunvalo was the person who met the archaeologists!

Let’s not forget, either, that back in 2003, Drunvalo was saying that 2012 is really 2003,

So why is he now saying 2012 is 2012? Ah yes, his 2012 book….

Serpent of Light

Drunvalo Melechizedek’s book Serpent of Light tells the story of the regular movement of the Kundalini earth current — every 13,000 years it moves to a new location. Having moved from Lemuria to Atlantis, to the Himalayas, it is now moving to the Andes in Chile and Peru, and is governed by the precession of the equinoxes (POE).

On page 9, Drunvalo says that on December 21 2012, the axis of the earth will “be on the edge of” the Aquarius constellation.

What actually happens on December 21 2012 is that on the day of winter solstice, when the sun lies between earth and the dark rift on the galactic equator, the earth’s axis will be aligned with the crossing point of the ecliptic and the galactic equator, which lies at 5 degrees sidereal Sagittarius. On spring equinox circa 2012, the vernal point (sunrise on spring equinox) will lie close to the Aquarius boundary (5 degrees sidereal Pisces), but this does not coincide with the alignment of the earth axis. See this page with diagrams and video for a simple explanation.

On page 21, Drunvalo actually says that on 21 December 2012 the equinox will precess into Aquarius (“…change of the POE into Aquarius”). However, this is the winter solstice, so the sentence is nonsense.

On page 17, Drunvalo says the “Troano document” is “an ancient stone document found by archaeologists in the Yucatan, and it is now located in the British Museum. He says it was translated by le Plongeon and is estimated to be 3,500 years old.

The Troano Codex was actually the original name for the Madrid Codex, one of four surviving Maya codices. It is kept in the Museo de América, in Madrid, Spain, and is dated to the 15th century. The version that Drunvalo repeats was quoted on Masonic websites such as this.


It is a piece of disinformation that originates in a 1912 hoax newspaper article in which Paul Schliemann claimed to have read the Troano in the British Museum and translated it — he actually rehashed Brasseur de Bourbourg’s translation, (not realizing the Troano was in Madrid), which was done before anyone understood the glyphs. See the last two paragraphs of this article.

It is not made of stone, not 3,500 years old, and not in the British Museum, though it was mistranslated by le Plongeon.

On pages 23-24, Drunvalo says that “the Serpent of Light was blocked” and “the problem could not be solved until the Ceremony of the Eagle and the Condor was performed.” His explanation: “The Mayan calendar said so.” This kind of statement is one of the most irritating of all for those of us who want to check facts and are not starry-eyed disciples. The Mayan calendars did not say anything. This statement is presumably meant to mean that there is a Mayan prophecy somewhere that is tied in to a date in the Mayan calendar systems. However, Drunvalo avoids giving the source, so we can check up and see that this is actually not the case. The Eagle and Condor prophecy seems to be primarily an Ecuador prophecy. The Ecuador version says that one day the indigenous people will be liberated when the tears of the condor are united with the tears of the eagle. The Inca version seems to have originated by Alberto Villoldo connecting the Ecuador prophecy with an Inca prophecy of a Pachacuti (earth/time turn-over) every 500 years. The Inca prophecy does independently connect to 2012, but to say that “the Mayan calendar says so” is totally untrue.

On page 219, Drunvalo gives credence to the theory that Lord Pacal’s tomb lid shows “a Mayan astronaut,” as claimed by von Daniken in 1968, regardless of the fact that it depicts the soul of Pacal journeying up the world tree, according to the Mayan scholars.

Given that the author has shown misunderstandings, repeated a 100-year-old hoax from a website as if it were true, and fudged facts and avoided references, how can he expect us to believe him when he claims that the ancient Anasazi people disappeared into another dimension (page 134); that the driver of the tour bus to Antelope canyon was totally blind, and even his family didn’t know (page158); that ancient Maya would deliberately transfer their consciousness into a crystal skull, where it would remain for thousands of years (page 172); that heads of Maya priests appeared out of the ground when crystals were arranged in a circle round an altar, and then they emerged completely (page 206); and other far-fetched stories?

While there are some interesting ideas and anecdotes in the book, it is spoiled by treating the readers as if they are stupid — even going so far as to inform us that “life is organic” (page 11).

Geoff Stray is the author of Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening (the original UK edition subtitle was Catastrophe or Ecstasy); 2012 In Your Pocket, and The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars. They are all available on Amazon. Geoff gives presentations internationally and his website is http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk which was one of the first 2012 websites, running from September 2000. Stray has appeared in several documentaries, such as 2012: The Odyssey; Transformation 2013; 2012: An Awakening, and others. He lives in a converted milking parlour in Glastonbury, UK, and makes handmade footwear. He is currently designing some ascension boots.’

Loving Geoff’s humour – ‘ascension boots’!  😀

And here’s a comment from Drew Hempel left under Geoff’s article

Geoff — you wonder where Drunvalo got his “birthing side effects
with earth changes” analogy. Also you wonder why Drunvalo emphasizes
the Fibonacci Spiral (as does Greg Braden in his 2012 book); also you
wonder about the use of Freemason propaganda and finally you wonder
about the Lazlo connection — without citation …. the answer
connecting all those loose threads lies in the Actual Matrix Plan that I
exposed in 2001.

It’s important to realize Drunvalo’s foundation in his Flower
GOLDEN RATIO MATH instead of the Fibonacci Series defined by rational
number ratios (the old math of Mayan, Hindu and Egyptian cultures).
http://nonduality.com/hempel.htm is the summary of the plan — it’s
based on the “music logarithmic spiral” from Oliver Reiser which is
also the main source for Arguelles’ earth changes model.

Here’s another description I have that mentions Drunvalo — enjoy. http://naturalresonancerevolution.blogspot.com is my blog.

Never before has the public known that the Freemason-Theosophist elite
formed an academic think tank in 1940 with the expressed goal of
channelling all academic research toward their goals. This is the
power source for the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX that is described
This Theosophist-Freemason think tank was the Institute for Integrative
Education. The board of directors included the family of the directors
of the Theosophists as well as ivy league professors from Harvard,
Johns Hopkins, etc. Their 1940 flagship issue of their academic
journal “Main Currents in Modern Thought” openly states this
Freemason conspiratorial goal and at one point the journal even states
that most professors are more dangerous than Nazis!

The founder of this Freemason-Theosophist Educational-Research Complex
that secretly controlled U.S. academic research was Lumber Magnate
Julius Stulman. The postscript of his book “Evolving Mankind’s
Future” is a long statement by “liberal” University President Laurence
Bolling — a high level statecraft policy maker, documenting the
influence of this think tank.
In 1965 Stulman created the World Institute in collaboration and at
the behest of the U.S. Government, the Institute for Advanced Study at
Princeton, and the United Nations. This information is detailed by
President Bolling.

The expressed role of the World Institute was to
oversee the direction of technology for the world and it was located
at UN Plaza. It’s main policy plan was the actual plan for the Matrix
published in 1975 and edited by systems theorist, global planner Ervin
Laszlo. This is background for that Real Matrix Plan that is now
coming into reality — as “liberally” promoted by Laszlo’s book
“Macroshift.” (2001). There is a dark conspiratorial sinister
apocalyptic side to Laszlo that is now exposed by the below.

The Institute for Integrative Education highly praised Philosophy of
Science Professor Oliver L. Reiser’s 1965 manifesto “Cosmic Humanism.”
Reiser’s 1945 book “World Philosophy” was considered by Einstein to be
the best plan for a unified field theory. In 1936 Reiser had
promoted and initiated “radio-eugenics” in the Journal of Heredity.
In 1945 Reiser discovered World Institute founder Julius Stulman’s
essay, “Energy Theory Applied to Human Relations.”
In 1975 Oliver L. Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo
published the REAL MATRIX PLAN called “Cosmic Humanism and World
Unity” in collaboration with Dr. Andrija Puharich — documented as a
top-level CIA mind control researcher in the all important expose,
“The Stargate Conspiracy: Revealing the truth behind
extraterrestrial contact, military intelligence and the mysteries of
ancient Egypt.” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.

This ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX — is based on the work of H.G.
“World Brain” concept exposed by Jim Keith and by the Omega Point of
Teilard de Chardin — much praised by the CIA-controlled New Age
scene and by President Clinton in “Nonzero: The Logic of Human
Reiser’s 1965 book “Cosmic Humanism” openly promotes “Radio-Eugenics”
and states that while most of humanity and the planet may die that is
how evolution in nature works.
The 1975 book calls the plan, “The Matrix” prominently and repeatedly
and states that humans will be in “Techno-Samadhi” as the “neuroblasts”
“Electronic tubes” for the new “World Mother.” According to this
plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like
an egg, the humans and the environment are to be feed off as energy
for evolution of the Matrix. Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted
by the World Institute — except now it is called “orthosynthesis.”
In “Techno-Samadhi” a person does not breath or think words — they
are hooked up to the satellite systems and used as energy so that the
Theosophist-Freemasons can create “THE COSMIC LENS” that controls and
manipulates higher dimensional space-time.

This is all detailed in
“Cosmic Humanism and World Unity” — the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX.
The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion — Cosmic
Humanism (now called “transhumanism”) — or in general
techno-spirituality. Picknett and Prince have exposed this plan and
it is corroborated fully by Reiser who openly states that a new
religion must be promoted. Former M.I.T. History Professor David F.
Noble has traced this religion to the ninth century A.D. in his
academic analysis of the Freemasons, “The Religion of Technology.”
Prince and Picknett trace it back to ancient Egypt but Reiser openly
goes back to Sumeria and Vedic India.

The research of the Freemason-Theosophist Academics is based on
THEORY that promotes the Indo-European SEPARATION OF HEAVEN AND EARTH
This is promoted in the New Age movement by Jose Arguelles who
prominently published in “Main Currents in Modern Thought,” promotes
Oliver L. Reiser’s work and was a professor at Princeton — the only
academic library that holds the World Institute plans.

The Matrix Plan is also promoted prominently by Drunvalo
who states in his first book that the yin/yang ratios of mother nature
are not infinite a lie — and that the ratios of technological
geometry are actually god and the future of a holographic matrix.
The Matrix Plan is also promoted by James Hurtak, who stated that
these elite Freemason researchers went underground in 1975, as
documented by Prince and Picknett. Hurtak has stated that he has
been ordained to prepare the world for the return of the All-Seeing
Eye higher dimensional control. The World Institute and the Institute
for Integrative Education both went underground in 1975 — confirming
Hurtak’s claims — Hurtak is the top disciple of Dr. Andrija Puharich.

I have tried to contact Prince and Picknett but since the CIA
attacked the email communications for the Stargate Conspiracy I have
not been able to get through. See their web information.
Academic examples of this Matrix Freemason research that openly
express these lies are Professor Ernest McClain’s “The Pythagorean
Plato” and “The Myth of Invariance.” Also math Professor Abraham
Seidenberg’s “The Ritual Origins of Geometry” and his several essays
in the journal Folklore promoting the separation of heaven and earth
and human sacrifice as the foundations for social engineering. John
Hopkins chemistry Professor Donald Hatch Andrew’s “The Symphony of
Life” is another example of Theosophist academic ratio theory. Hatch
was a member of the thinktank, while also prominently publishing
chemistry textbooks. Henry Morgenau, Gregory Benford, Eric Temple
Bell, H.C. Cole, Roger Penrose, Michio Kaku are further examples. Many
other mainstream powerful and apocalyptic scientists are exposed by
Prince, Picknett and David F. Noble.

Some of them are consciously
members of the think tank — others are just indoctrinated and haven’t
been openly documented to be members. Basically all of western
science is under the control of Freemason Science.
The archnemesis of the plan for the Matrix are land-based ecological
cultures that promote the HARMONY OF HEAVEN AND EARTH based on the
infinite Cosmic Mother of Nature. As Prince and Picknett document —
the plan is to assimilate those cultures in the religion of
techno-spirituality based on apocalypse. Stanford anthropologist
Jeremy Narby’s book “The Cosmic Serpent” discusses the importance of
these cultures for Holographic Matrix research. So does Theosophist
David Tame’s “The Secret Power of Music.”

This is why Drunvalo Melchizadek has assimilated the Kogi — the only
intact pre-Columbian ecological-shaman civilization. This is why Jose
Arguelles has assimilated the Mayan shaman-yogic culture. Reiser
himself published in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram newsletter and prominent
students of Aurobindo believed that the future NEW HUMAN would have a
radioactive body! (Letters on Yoga III). Reiser’s “Cosmic Lens”
(All-Seeing Eye) is directly ed on Ramana Maharshi’s concept of
Brahmin-Patriarchal “All-Seeing Eye” yoga — the same yoga as
transpersonalism promoted by Ervin Laszlo’s Matrix plan, “Macroshift”
(2001). This also explains why the Pope is so adamant to put a
telescope on Mount Graham — all indigenous Mother Earth powerspots
must be assimilated. Just like the crop circles around Stonehenge.

Many feminists, like Riane Eisler and the whole critical theory
“biosemiotics” movement have also been assimilated into promoting
“techno-feminism” whereby nature is just a symbol that can be
rearranged at the will of the apocalyptic All-Seeing-Eye.
All Harmony of Heaven and Earth must be reduced to “PSI-PLASMA” as Dr.
Andrija Puharich calls it in the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX. Toroidal
cold fusion plasma generators will be linked with the mass microchip
drive (i.e. bioweapons vaccination drive) to create “CEREBREACTORS” as
stated by a M.I.T. cosmologist — and by the Center for Civilian
Biodefense Studies in the reference to mass microchipping. This again
is also detailed in “Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.”
The only defense is understanding the root of the problem in ratio
theory — what Oliver Reiser calls “The Music Logarithmic Spiral” that
goes against yin/yang true Pythagorean harmonics. Shamanic-Yoga
Natural Resonance Ecology — as documented by Oxford Scholar Peter
Kingsley’s “Ancient Mystery, Magic and Philosophy.” 1998.
This was the threat of Falun Gong — Self-reliant free
energy. Wildlands restoration and the complete redesign of science so
that it is in harmony with Yin/Yang Ratios (a la “Natural Capitalism”
research that should be called natural anarchism and the bioenergetics
of ecofeminist Ariel Salleh). The Square Root of Two and all that
follows it is against the Yin/Yang Ratios — this will be exposed in a
paper-in-progress by math Professor Luigi Borzacchini: “Music Theory
and Incommensurability: A cognitive approach”
The Cosmic Mother will never be controlled by the Illuminati — even
though they openly state “The Threat of Infinity Must Be Contained.”
Re: Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2010, 10:30:04 PM »
The council that Perez is part of, the name in Spanish translates a couple different ways. The link calls them National Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala. But the original name is Consejo de Ancianos Mayas.

The subtleties of translation are important, because I see at least half a dozen variation on the name out there in English. Consejo is pretty straight forward, a council or gathering. Mayas is the other word. Notice it is NOT Mayans, but Mayas, no N. Attached to another word, as Ancianos Mayas, means Mayas is an adjective, not a noun.

Anciano has a number of possible meanings, from elder to elderly to old, to what I think is the intended and strongly implied meaning, ancient. So their name is not “Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders” but something closer to “Council of Maya Ancients.” And there’s no mention at all in the original title of National nor Guatemala. They are not claiming, in their title, to be a nationwide group at all. They arer also not necessarily claiming to be indigenous but rather some kinds of heirs. Rather their title suggests they claim to be a group of (not necessarily) Mayan people preserving what they see as ancient Mayan traditions.

While I’m reluctant to use this as a source, one of the few non-Nuage sources on them in English is this wiki page.
And its subject, sure enough, is outsiders use of what they see as “true” ancient Mayan traditions, going back before Nuage to UFO people and people who wrote fantasies about ancient “lost” peoples. Think Edgar Rice Burroughs etc. Wiki mentions:

“A growing number of individuals of indigenous or reportedly indigenous Maya ancestry have emerged as advocates and supporters of Mayanism. These include César Mena Toto (also known as Hunbatz Men) and the Quiché spiritual guide Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj (also known as “Wandering Wolf”). These individuals identify themselves as traditional shamans, but do also interact with, and refer to modern New Age phenomenal beliefs as in the lost continent of Atlantis, reverence for crystal skulls, and mediumship of extraterrestrial entities such as the Pleiadeans.”

“On January 14, 2008, Álvaro Colom was inaugurated as the President of Guatemala. Colom is said to have been ordained as a “non-Mayan Mayan priest” by Alejandro Cirilio Pérez Oxlaj, who represented the Maya people at his inauguration. A BBC article reports that “he will regularly consult a group of spiritual leaders, known as the Mayan Elders National Council”. (This group has also been identified as the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, the Consejo de Ancianos Mayas, Council of Elders of the Sacred Mayas, and other names.)”

Guatemala was split by civil war for 30 years, with a semi fascist govt that often allied with evangelicals vs an Indian population that sometimes had elements led by either Mayan traditionalists, leftist Catholics, or Marxists with materilaist and atheistic ideas. A Nuage president, influenced by Nuage ideas about Mayans, has some understandable appeal as a third way that’s less controversial.

I think it quite likely, in fact almost certain, that Perez is Mayan, or least has Mayan ancestry. It’d be kind of hard not to be in Guatemala, except for the wealthiest whites. But as for elder, well, he’s certainly elderly, but some of his followers if not all are certainly Nuage.

Looking for that council on Spanish language sites and you get nothing but more Nuage sites. If this were actual NDN elders concerned with NDN issues, you’d expect to see those issues mentioned quite a bit, not talk about harmonics.
That, plus all of Perez’s very Nuage and pre-Nuage but definitely nontraditional ideas.
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Selling American Indian Spirituality is Big Business


The following is an excerpt from  http://www.zenatode.org.uk/ian/misc/drunvalo.xhtml


Whilst investigating the claims of a company called Perfect Science I stumbled across the name Drunvalo Melchizedek and thereby opened a Pandora’s box. This web page is an attempt to make sense of what I found. I hope you find it interesting or at least amusing and that it proves helpful if you are attempting to uncover the truth about Drunvalo. Not an easy task when the web seems to be inhabited by the sort of people who will readily believe that he is an Atlantean CIA agent just popped in from the 4th dimension.

I would recommend that you start by getting hold of a 4th dimensional plug-in for your browser and checking out http://www.drunvalo.net where you can read about his current projects and find out all about the Order of Melchizedek. Come back soon though because I have found some even juicier links for you to explore.

In the early 1990’s Drunvalo founded “Flower of Life Research” as an umbrella organisation through which to teach his Flower of Life workshop. In 1997 he apparently handed over the reigns to pursue other interests. Currently floweroflife.org is registered to Lyssa and Ronald Holt of Phoenix Arizona. The Flower of Life website includes what is apparently a version of Drunvalo’s resume that starts from the time he was at UCB in the late 1960’s and which seems far more specific than anything I could find on his own website.

According to this resume Drunvalo got his degree in 1970 then headed up to Canada, married a woman called Renee and lived at Kootenay Lake. As you will soon realise, it is significant that he does not mention that he ever went by a different name.

Are you still with me? Well hold on tight because things now start to get really bizarre. First port of call is the curious website of a guy called Bob Dratch AKA Dolphin Hyper-Resonance Institute, inventor of the Godbox(tm) Holographic Waveform Projector. On a page entitled “Spooks, Mystery and Intrigue” we find:

In the late 80’s I met someone who calls himself “Drunvalo” (at that time, he had not changed his name yet to Melchezidek, but kept his natural name of Bernard Perona, although he used to call himself as AKBAR before his “drunvalo incarnation) – I was introduced to him by Bruce Mace of Aspen Colorado.

Bob refers to a CIA connection and goes on to reveal how he once “scanned the neural ganglia of Drunvalo” prior to the “Entrance of the Dark Light Spiral”.

The implication that Drunvalo is a 5000 year old Atlantean appeared in a posting to the psychoceramics mailing list, an interesting forum for the discussion of crackpot phenomena. In a followup to this posting I became aware of his interest in the Hall of Records which is a generic term referring to all three locations (in Egypt, Yucatan and Bimini) at which, according to the readings of Edgar Cayce, the records of the Atlantean civilisation exist. Apparently Drunvalo is a contributor to the hallofrecords@yahoogroups.com mailing list but I have not managed to find the archives without subscribing to the group.

I then decided to change tack and focus on the name Akbar, at which point I discovered the following book:

The Traveler & the End of Time: The Secret Life of Ken Page
Paperback, 195 Pages, Clear Light Arts, March 1996
ISBN: 0964970317
Author: Page, Ken / Hemingway, Simon P.
Editor: Page, Mary D.
This book is actually available online at http://www.kenpage.com where in Chapter 10: Blue Lake we find the following:

Don told me about the year he spent living off of the land in British Columbia in 1971. The story ended when he was poisoned and died. He held me in his steady gaze waiting to make sure that what he had told me had taken root. “Don is dead,” he explained seriously. “I am Akbar now.” I understood. Akbar was the being that had come in to inhabit his body after Don left. It was like a sublease. I understood subleases. My uncle didn’t take his eyes off of me. “Akbar,” I said experimentally, trying out the feel of it on my tongue. No problem. Instead of my ultracool Uncle Don I now had the wise and mysterious Uncle Akbar. Everybody should be so lucky. Uncle Don was Uncle Akbar for only a few years. Today he’s widely known as Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Are we getting a coherent picture yet? Not really, but at least a few pieces of the puzzle are matching up.”

emphasis ours.

Thinking and discerning advised.


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