Wingmakers debunked?

 Marshall Barnes writes:-

During the Coast To Coast interview, Al Bielek revealed some new information about the so-called “Wingmakers” that answered some questions I had had about their appearance on his website when it was created, as well as confirming that his condition as either delusional or being a pathological liar is far worse than I could have ever imagined.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Wingmakers I’ll begin there. In late November of 1998 a series of emails were sent out asking people both in usenet newsgroups, and members of the UFO research community, if they were aware of a new website called . All the emails were sent out by a man calling himself Mark Hempel. For the UFO community the question was asked if they could look at it to determine if the site was a hoax or not. The impetus for asking such of the seasoned investigators was the mysterious nature behind how the Hempel was contacted to create the site and weird things that began to happen to his phone lines, etc after he had done so. Or so he claimed.

I have obtained a series of links from the website of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy or CAUS which document the unfolding of the WingMakers saga. I have placed them in what appears to be chronological order so that you may be able to take your own “time travel” trip and see things as they had originally happened, and not from hearsay.”

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